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Middleton’s Funeral Services is an independent funeral director, serving the local community and offering a range of cost-effective packages to all, regardless of religion, faith or belief. We provide comprehensive services, which include all the major aspects of a ceremony, as well as the necessary preparations and additional arrangements. Our support, combined with the attitude of utmost respect and understanding, will help you and your loved ones get through the difficult times.

Our funeral home in Manchester offers a variety of options in terms of financial plans and the course of the ceremony itself. We aim for our assistance to be accessible and inclusive, as well as comprehensive. By entrusting us with such responsibility, you receive high-quality service tailored to your preference, for your own peace of mind.

About US

Middleton’s Funeral Services Ltd takes pride in being a family-run company, offering much needed support for the members of our local community. We aim to provide affordable and accessible solutions, tailored to the specific needs and preferences of our clients. We support all of the religions — the doors of our home are open to the followers of every set of spiritual beliefs, as well as atheists and agnostics. If you have experienced a loss of a close relative or want to plan your own funeral service to take the burden off your family, our directors will be there for you.

Funeral home in Manchester — for your own peace of mind

Our home is based in Middleton, Greater Manchester. One aspect of our mission is to cultivate this local identity, by helping to form a strong and understanding community, across any social, racial and religious divides. Helping our clients to get through the dark and difficult times is our contribution to the cause.

As funeral directors, we aim to provide comprehensive and bespoke services to everyone in need. Apart from the wide selection of set packages and plans, we offer highly personalised solutions, which reflect the diversity of beliefs and preferences among our clients. From a traditional religious ceremony to a non-religious celebration of life — no matter where your heart is, you have the support of our home.

It is only natural that such variety is reflected in our list of services. From standard cremation to green burial — our home caters for all the special request, in order to pay well-deserved respect to your loved one. The directors will take care of all the necessary preparations and bookings, as well as the course of the ceremony itself.

Professional funeral directors — much needed help in the time of grief

Our support is not limited, however, to the sole service of directing the ceremony. By becoming a part of our family, you receive extensive counsel and support that will assist you through the bereavement, including both formal and spiritual matters.

We provide:

  • A personal service offered by our family to yours
  • Expert advice on all elements of funeral planning
  • A range of cost effective funerals packages
  • Funeral financial plans
  • Bespoke funerals to suit your personal beliefs

Our selection of funeral packages and financial plans reflect the variety of beliefs, religions and personal preferences of the people who form our community. We provide comprehensive services and professional advice, much needed in the time of sorrow and grief. Let us take care of everything — from the necessary bookings and burial arrangements, to the last detail of the ceremony itself. Your peace of mind is our priority.

While choosing our home, you receive help of a professional funeral director, who will ensure that every aspect of the ceremony is to your satisfaction and absolutely nothing is left to chance. This includes not only the overall nature of the ritual — we offer non-religious, as well as green options — but also the music and visual direction, which ultimately define its unique character.

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