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Hindus believe in reincarnation which in essence is that when someone dies their soul will return to earth in a different form. What form this takes depends upon Karma, which is the belief that the soul’s next incarnation depends on how a person lived their life previously. The ultimate aim is to break this never-ending cycle of birth and death and to do this they need to attain moksha, the state of liberation where the soul is absorbed into Brahman, the transcendental life force of the Universe.

How long after death is a Hindu funeral?

Hindu rites and rituals can be different depending upon the sect, family traditions and other factors but for many the Hindu funeral service will ideally occur within 24 hours of the person’s passing. For Hindu funerals UK, this may not always be possible as many crematoria will be booked out a few weeks in advance. Of course, funeral directors will try to accommodate the traditions of the Hindu funeral UK and try to expedite it as quickly as possible.

What happens at a Hindu funeral?

Because the Hindu Funeral ceremony takes place so quickly the viewing of the body will only be possible for a short space of time.

Before the body is cremated

The person who has died will be displayed in a simple casket, flowers will be placed at their feet and a garland of flowers, or a necklace of wooden beads draped around the neck. Ash wood or sandalwood will be dabbed onto the forehead if the deceased is male, and a dash of turmeric will be placed on the forehead of a female.

The viewing will involve mantras and hymns incanted by the family and friends around the casket and mourners may place rice balls in the casket as part of the ritual.

Tradition demands that the person who has passed away is washed by the bereaved however for Hindu funeral rituals UK the funeral home will do this instead.

What is a Hindu funeral like?

At a Hindu funeral the body is cremated. Hindu funeral services in the UK are always attuned to the traditions and rituals of Hindu cremation so if you put in your online search Hindu funeral near me it will be no different to that performed in, say in the Indian subcontinent.

At a Hindu funeral ceremony the casket will be into the crematorium feet first, and as this is happening, loved ones will recite prayers. They will then circle the loved one in prayer and finally they will stand by and watch as the body is cremated.

What to wear at a Hindu funeral

At the Hindu funeral service the colour to wear is white. It is not the done thing to wear black as is customary in Christian funerals. Dress can be casual, but women should cover their arms and knees. Neither men or women have to wear a head covering if they do not wish to do so.

How long do Hindu funerals last?

Hindu funerals UK last around 30 minutes but this can vary. It just depends upon the wishes of the family.

What to bring to a Hindu funeral

Some families may accept flowers during the wake before the incantation of the MukhAgni mantra while others prefer to take them during the mourning period after the cremation ceremony. You may also like to take the gift of food during the mourning period as well, as some families abstain from cooking in their home for a period after the person has died.

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